Devastation in Japan

We just wanted to say to the good people of Japan that in this most difficult and trying of times, our hearts are with you.  Maybe, in the midst of our busy days, we all can find some time to stop and help.  One way in which we can all help, is by contacting the American Red Cross or the Canadian Red Cross.  They have excellent relationships with their agency counterparts in Japan, and will ensure relief is given where it is most needed.

The images from the devastation in Japan are beginning to come in... The destruction is almost unimaginable

Of course, it isn’t just humans that suffer in these disasters.  Animals also feel the pain associated with these devastating events.  It wasn’t too long ago that Americans watched in horror as hundreds of dogs, cats and other domesticated animals died in the flooding of New Orleans.

Fortunately, there may be hope for the animals in the northern prefectures of Japan.  We compiled a list of some of the agencies that you can contact that may be able to help.  Please note that not all of these groups have posted specific efforts on their websites for donations to Japan.  Call them to double check if they are starting relief efforts for the earthquake/tsunami victims :

International Fund for Animal Welfare

Animal Refuge Kansai

World Vets

Kinship Circle

American Veterinary Medical Foundation

American Humane Society

If you know of other support agencies, please let us know and we add them to this list.

Thank you


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