Puppy Personality Analysis

As you may know, Roxie’s litter is growing bigger and stronger every day.

They are expressive, playful and eager for affection!  Although it is still somewhat difficult for us to be able to tell them apart physically, they are fortunately beginning to express their individuality through their behaviors, making identification a bit easier!

We realized we would have to study our puppies closely to tell them apart.  Step 1 was to place color coded collars on each of them so we could tell them apart physically.  Step 2 was to watch and observe their cute play, both with us and in interactions with their brother and sisters, to understand more about their behaviors.  It was a tough job, but we had to do it!

After our careful and exhaustive research, we wish present to you our decidedly non-scientific, non peer-reviewed analysis of what we’ve learned so far about our adorable puppies and their personalities:


Ella – She readily purrs when you hold her, letting us think that to her, being held is the best thing in the world.  She does love to eat, but likes to check if we are around just in case she can get more love.  There is a 95% probability that she will pick attention over food.  Ella has already chosen her new parents and is probably looking forward to the day when she can be with them for longer than a brief visit!

Frenchie – Frenchie can be summed up in a simple phrase – “absolute sweetheart”.  She LOVES to kiss and be kissed.  She will prefer belly rubs at any given moment over her second favorite activity: doggie wrestling with her sisters and brother.  She also seems to have a bit of fashion model in her, as she seems to enjoy posing for adorable pictures (with getting kisses in the end as a reward).

Gigi – Gigi is the smallest of her siblings, and she is the most independent and quiet – and in the good way!  She likes time by herself but enjoys a good time with her siblings too.  She patrols her playpen and pounces on invisible foes.  In reference to the nature vs. nurture question, nature prevails in one aspect of her cute and loveable behavior.  She really seems to follow in Romeo’s (her Dad) footsteps when it comes to her sleeping habits and  to prefers to sleep beside or under her soft, cottony bed, not on top of it!

Hokie – Named after the famed Virginia Tech school’s mascot, Hokie is the ring leader.  Well, to be more precise, he likes to think he is the ring leader.  Hokie likes to bark (more like squeak) commands at the females.  He seems to do a lot of bossing his sisters around but we don’t think they are really listening to him.  They just make him believe they are!  When not in pretend command of the litter, Hokie is frequently trying to get us to hug and hold him.  That is one command which is readily followed.

Although I’m sure the  Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association is probably kicking themselves that they did not sponsor my research, I may have found a better venue.  I’m pretty sure my analysis would get the world-wide attention it deserves if this respected and admired publication printed my article.  Scientific? No, but who cares – it’s Oprah! 🙂


About Northern Virginia Yorkies

We are breeders of quality, AKC registered Yorkshire Terriers. We want to share with you our experiences, knowledge of the breed and other fun stuff along the way!
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9 Responses to Puppy Personality Analysis

  1. Judy says:

    Adorable puppies:)

  2. So do you write fiction for your real job? You are a wonderful writer.

    • Thank you for the compliment! I wish I could have been a writer. I respect and admire the profession. I just happened to travel in a different direction with my career. At least I have this blog! Thanks again for stopping by!

  3. Your babies are precious! Thank you for stopping by my site and commenting on my little Lucy. She is our pride and joy. I wish you were closer as I’d be very tempted for another one although Lucy might not like that idea.

  4. Dixie says:

    Awww they are ADORABLE!! ❤

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