A Pee Pee Pad is not a Toy!

Diesel is certainly a joy to have in our home.  He is playful, bright, inquisitive, bold and adventurous.  He enjoys his solitude almost as much as he loves attention from us and from our other Yorkies.  He is a normal, healthy puppy in every respect.  Well, he does have this one habit, although it may technically be “normal”, is both funny and odd.

Doesn't this Yorkie look a bit mature to be on a puppy pad package?

We are training Diesel to use a Puppy Pad, Pee Pee Pad or whatever other marketing name manufacturers have given to the absorbent pads you lay down for your puppy to use to do his business.  The pad is placed in his playpen, on the opposite side of where he sleeps and eats.  It usually works well, except for one small problem.  Diesel apparently thinks the pad is a toy!  Almost as soon as we place a new, clean sheet on the floor, Diesel happily runs over to investigate it.  After a stomping on it a bit, some barking and a bit of sniffing, he then starts to bite into the cottony material.  As he is biting it, he uses his puppy sharp claws to begin to rip away the fabric, tearing it into tiny shreds.

He has toys in his playpen – lots of them.  Rather than play with them as would be expected, Diesel prefers to gather up his toys, put them in his bed and sleep on them.  He seems more interested in hoarding them as if he were saving them for play on a rainy day.  The Puppy Pad, however, becomes a toy he can rip and chew for hours on end.

Although this is not Diesel's handiwork, I think you get the point...

There is no danger in this behavior to Diesel, but it does make cleaning difficult!  He is sometimes covered in the white cotton and strips and bits of pad are strewn all across his pen, however, he doesn’t seem to mind one bit.  To stop this wanton destruction of his housebreaking materials, we’ve tried to lock the pad down using special trays and covers, but he still manages to rip the pads out and happily destroy them before our eyes.

Eventually, he will tire of his Puppy Pad obliteration habit.  Is this “normal” behavior?  Probably, but what will he do for amusement and/or to satisfy his need to create cotton confetti when he tires from this obsession?  For that story, we’ll have to wait to hear from his new forever family after he settles in!


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4 Responses to A Pee Pee Pad is not a Toy!

  1. jf says:

    I think some dogs just like to chew on paper like items. I had a German Shepherd years ago who would shred paper towel rolls. My yorkie does not care for paper…she chews wood. I guess they all have their preferences. I do have a question off topic. I always wondered if male yorkies were harder to house train than females. I have a female and she took a long time before she would signal that she needed to go outside. Is it a male/female thing or does it just depend on the dog? Just curious…

    • That is an interesting question. We seem to found that our males have been a little more difficult to train. Romeo, not being neutered, likes to “mark”. I’m not sure that will ever stop. The females were better, but still took some time to be trained. Our situation is a bit different in that we have a doggie door for them to use whenever they want to relieve themselves. Even with that, it took some work to get them to recognize that going outside is good, inside is not!

      • Tiff says:

        I found that although it took a Long time to train my female Yorkie (To where she actually signals that she needs to go outside.) My patience and structured routine paid off with her. She has absolutely no potty accidents in the house and she knows the word “potty” and will do it on command. This is very convenient when it is cold outside:)

  2. my lil alice has always used potty pads… lucky for me she picked up potty training super fast… i would just take her in the loo with me…close the door put down a pad and sit her on it until our mission was accomplished …singing our code word/phrase…”taking care of business” the whole time! … now days she prefers to go outside…but will “take care of business” on command (super helpful when traveling) her only errors are occasionally mistaking a bath mat for a potty pad…
    good luck Diesel! im sure you will figure it out! Alice sends her regards!

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