Knowing What an Ideal Yorkshire Terrier Looks Like – For Dummies

Knowing What an Ideal Yorkshire Terrier Looks Like – For Dummies.

We thought you might find this article to be a good reference on what Yorkshire Terriers should like as adults.  There is often a lot of confusion among owners as they wonder if their puppy  or grown Yorkie “is normal”.   As you can tell by comments after the article, many people still have questions about weight, size and coloring.

Let us know if you too have questions.  We would be happy to try and answer them for you!



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Puppy Personality Analysis

As you may know, Roxie’s litter is growing bigger and stronger every day.

They are expressive, playful and eager for affection!  Although it is still somewhat difficult for us to be able to tell them apart physically, they are fortunately beginning to express their individuality through their behaviors, making identification a bit easier!

We realized we would have to study our puppies closely to tell them apart.  Step 1 was to place color coded collars on each of them so we could tell them apart physically.  Step 2 was to watch and observe their cute play, both with us and in interactions with their brother and sisters, to understand more about their behaviors.  It was a tough job, but we had to do it!

After our careful and exhaustive research, we wish present to you our decidedly non-scientific, non peer-reviewed analysis of what we’ve learned so far about our adorable puppies and their personalities:


Ella – She readily purrs when you hold her, letting us think that to her, being held is the best thing in the world.  She does love to eat, but likes to check if we are around just in case she can get more love.  There is a 95% probability that she will pick attention over food.  Ella has already chosen her new parents and is probably looking forward to the day when she can be with them for longer than a brief visit!

Frenchie – Frenchie can be summed up in a simple phrase – “absolute sweetheart”.  She LOVES to kiss and be kissed.  She will prefer belly rubs at any given moment over her second favorite activity: doggie wrestling with her sisters and brother.  She also seems to have a bit of fashion model in her, as she seems to enjoy posing for adorable pictures (with getting kisses in the end as a reward).

Gigi – Gigi is the smallest of her siblings, and she is the most independent and quiet – and in the good way!  She likes time by herself but enjoys a good time with her siblings too.  She patrols her playpen and pounces on invisible foes.  In reference to the nature vs. nurture question, nature prevails in one aspect of her cute and loveable behavior.  She really seems to follow in Romeo’s (her Dad) footsteps when it comes to her sleeping habits and  to prefers to sleep beside or under her soft, cottony bed, not on top of it!

Hokie – Named after the famed Virginia Tech school’s mascot, Hokie is the ring leader.  Well, to be more precise, he likes to think he is the ring leader.  Hokie likes to bark (more like squeak) commands at the females.  He seems to do a lot of bossing his sisters around but we don’t think they are really listening to him.  They just make him believe they are!  When not in pretend command of the litter, Hokie is frequently trying to get us to hug and hold him.  That is one command which is readily followed.

Although I’m sure the  Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association is probably kicking themselves that they did not sponsor my research, I may have found a better venue.  I’m pretty sure my analysis would get the world-wide attention it deserves if this respected and admired publication printed my article.  Scientific? No, but who cares – it’s Oprah! 🙂

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The Day I Picked My Humans

By Ella the Yorkie, 6 weeks old

It started out as a normal day.  I spent a lot of time playing with my siblings.  I wrestled, I tried to collect as may toys as I could and I tried my best to do all my ‘business’ in the designated spot.

When my breeders came home from work there seemed to be a flurry of activity…what is going on? I thought…  Could some humans be coming to see us?  I wonder….

After having some dinner I decided to take a little nap.  I dreamt about having a human of my own.  I had visions of a backyard to run in and perhaps some neighbor dogs to say hi to every now and then.

I was awakened by a strange noise.  I think it was voices.  But I never heard these voices before.  They sounded kind.  I was anxious to see who they belonged to.

I rested for a while as I waited and then I saw them.  Two new humans!  A woman human and a man human.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  This is exactly what I have been waiting for!

The humans were very gentle.  They said hello to each of my siblings and to me.  It didn’t take long before I knew I had to have those humans.  I asked my siblings to play for a little bit but not to be too cute – and then, if possible, to please go back to sleep so the new humans could concentrate on me.

My siblings were very accommodating.  They did exactly what I asked…well, with the exception of Gigi.  Right when the humans were holding me and loving me she decided to get up from her nap.  I yelled to her, “please Gigi, they are mine!” she was half way out of the bed at this point, but she stopped dead in her tracks and pretended to sleep even though half her body was in the bed and the other half out.  I will have to remember to thank her later…and, she can always have the next humans that come.

When the woman human put me back down I wanted to show her what a good puppy I would be for them.  I made sure they were all looking and then I went over to the pee-pee pad and I went.  Oh, they were really impressed.  Everyone was cheering!

Then I decided to show them some tricks I could do with my octopus toy.  I’m sure they must think I am very talented.  Next time they picked me up I was sure to purr as loud as I could to let them know they were all mine.  I had to have them.

The breeders left the room so I could really check out the humans.  I spent some time with them and I was sure of my choice.  I was going to pick these humans.  I really had to be with them.  I let the humans know that they were exactly what I had been dreaming about for my whole life.  I told them to come back and get me early August.  I figured that would be enough time for me to be good and ready for them.

Now the countdown begins….only 3 ½ weeks until I can have my humans all to myself.

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Devastation in Japan

We just wanted to say to the good people of Japan that in this most difficult and trying of times, our hearts are with you.  Maybe, in the midst of our busy days, we all can find some time to stop and help.  One way in which we can all help, is by contacting the American Red Cross or the Canadian Red Cross.  They have excellent relationships with their agency counterparts in Japan, and will ensure relief is given where it is most needed.

The images from the devastation in Japan are beginning to come in... The destruction is almost unimaginable

Of course, it isn’t just humans that suffer in these disasters.  Animals also feel the pain associated with these devastating events.  It wasn’t too long ago that Americans watched in horror as hundreds of dogs, cats and other domesticated animals died in the flooding of New Orleans.

Fortunately, there may be hope for the animals in the northern prefectures of Japan.  We compiled a list of some of the agencies that you can contact that may be able to help.  Please note that not all of these groups have posted specific efforts on their websites for donations to Japan.  Call them to double check if they are starting relief efforts for the earthquake/tsunami victims :

International Fund for Animal Welfare

Animal Refuge Kansai

World Vets

Kinship Circle

American Veterinary Medical Foundation

American Humane Society

If you know of other support agencies, please let us know and we add them to this list.

Thank you

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A Pee Pee Pad is not a Toy!

Diesel is certainly a joy to have in our home.  He is playful, bright, inquisitive, bold and adventurous.  He enjoys his solitude almost as much as he loves attention from us and from our other Yorkies.  He is a normal, healthy puppy in every respect.  Well, he does have this one habit, although it may technically be “normal”, is both funny and odd.

Doesn't this Yorkie look a bit mature to be on a puppy pad package?

We are training Diesel to use a Puppy Pad, Pee Pee Pad or whatever other marketing name manufacturers have given to the absorbent pads you lay down for your puppy to use to do his business.  The pad is placed in his playpen, on the opposite side of where he sleeps and eats.  It usually works well, except for one small problem.  Diesel apparently thinks the pad is a toy!  Almost as soon as we place a new, clean sheet on the floor, Diesel happily runs over to investigate it.  After a stomping on it a bit, some barking and a bit of sniffing, he then starts to bite into the cottony material.  As he is biting it, he uses his puppy sharp claws to begin to rip away the fabric, tearing it into tiny shreds.

He has toys in his playpen – lots of them.  Rather than play with them as would be expected, Diesel prefers to gather up his toys, put them in his bed and sleep on them.  He seems more interested in hoarding them as if he were saving them for play on a rainy day.  The Puppy Pad, however, becomes a toy he can rip and chew for hours on end.

Although this is not Diesel's handiwork, I think you get the point...

There is no danger in this behavior to Diesel, but it does make cleaning difficult!  He is sometimes covered in the white cotton and strips and bits of pad are strewn all across his pen, however, he doesn’t seem to mind one bit.  To stop this wanton destruction of his housebreaking materials, we’ve tried to lock the pad down using special trays and covers, but he still manages to rip the pads out and happily destroy them before our eyes.

Eventually, he will tire of his Puppy Pad obliteration habit.  Is this “normal” behavior?  Probably, but what will he do for amusement and/or to satisfy his need to create cotton confetti when he tires from this obsession?  For that story, we’ll have to wait to hear from his new forever family after he settles in!

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New IRS Form W-K9 Individual Pet Tax Return

As tax time approaches, I thought you might get a kick out of this!

Use this form if you aren't already claiming your Yorkie as a dependant! Courtesy of

I haven’t confirmed this, but I heard it from a guy, who heard it from a guy who knows a guy who said his neighbor’s friend’s cousin’s sister’s boyfriend’s grandmother said this is real.  He said check the Congressional Record because he thinks the bill was signed into law on April 1, 2009.

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Are Bows for Boys?

I know top knots are a standard part of a Yorkie’s life, but I will admit to you that the

A Seemingly Content Yorkie Sporting a Top Knot or bow(courtesy of

practice really hasn’t taken root in our household.  For good or for bad, we have not made it a habit to tie the hair on the top of our dog’s heads up into a bow or “top knot”.  Some Yorkie owners wouldn’t go an hour, much less a day, without a bow of some kind to help keep the hair out of the eyes of their dogs.  Of course, this is critical if you let the dog’s hair grow long, but for us, that usually is not the case.  I said usually…

Carson’s hair began to grow thick and long, almost without our noticing it.  Carson’s view of the world was beginning to be seen through the haze of a thin, tan colored veil made of hair.  In high school, I had longish hair and couldn’t stand it hanging on my face.  It has to be equally if not more annoying to a dog to have it hang over his eyes.

Just say NO!

Jackie decided to help him out of his predicament.  Although it was close to his grooming time, she decided to tie his hair up in a little bow in advance of his appointment with the groomer.  OK…although I didn’t necessarily like the idea of him running around the house wearing a little bow, I do understand the utility and practicality of the procedure.  I still put my foot down, and so does Jackie, on having Carson parade around in “outfits”.  He’ll wear sweaters and jackets when it is cold, but dressing him up in football garb before the Super Bowl or having him wear T-Shirts with funny slogans or corporate logos just doesn’t cut it for me.  He may be tiny, but I don’t want to give him a complex!

Anyway… back to the bow.  Jackie skillfully arranged the hair using tiny rubber bands and topped it off by the addition of the bow.  Carson was very… annoyed.  He wasn’t overly upset, but he wasn’t sure what to think about this thing on his head.  Was it punishment?  Was it a torture device?  Is it something similar to the time he had that burr stuck in his hair?  At this point, I think he just wanted to get back with the other dogs and away from Jackie, just in case she decided to do something else to him!

The type of bow I'd like to see in my home, or at least in my driveway!

Our little, sensitive Carson, who looks for praise and adoration from us and support and companionship from his Yorkie brothers and sisters, quickly surmised that perhaps the best place he could have been was back risking his hairstyle with Jackie rather than endure what came next…

At first, all seemed well.  Carson ran around the room a bit.  He then decided that the excitement of the hair bow was too much for him, so he lay down on a blanket for a short

The type of bow (and arrow) that boys should have?

rest.  Short, as in a few seconds short for almost as soon as he put his head down, Romeo came over to investigate – the bow.  Yes, he was staring with extreme curiosity at Carson’s hair accessory/necessity.  Moments later, Pixie also came over to look at Carson and his bow.  She too looked a bit perplexed as if to say… “Carson, are bows for boys?”  Carson didn’t know, nor did he care and he certainly didn’t care for this new-found and unwanted attention.  He attempted to move away, but something extraordinary happened, causing Carson to stop in his tracks.  Romeo reached out and swatted at the bow!  Then he did it again, and again.  Romeo could not understand what the thing was, why it was there in Carson’s head and why it didn’t go away when he pawed it.  Romeo and Pixie began to follow poor Carson around as he desperately searched for a way to escape from this scrutiny.

Another type of "Bo" that some boys do like

After a few minutes, Carson did find relief from his pursuers by retreating into his crate and he finally got the rest he originally wanted.  Romeo and Pixie also focused their attention on other important matters, like tipping over bowls filled with perfectly good water and barking at the squirrels that run along the fence in our back yard.  There is never a dull moment in our house!

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