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Knowing What an Ideal Yorkshire Terrier Looks Like – For Dummies

Knowing What an Ideal Yorkshire Terrier Looks Like – For Dummies. We thought you might find this article to be a good reference on what Yorkshire Terriers should like as adults.  There is often a lot of confusion among owners … Continue reading

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A Pee Pee Pad is not a Toy!

Diesel is certainly a joy to have in our home.  He is playful, bright, inquisitive, bold and adventurous.  He enjoys his solitude almost as much as he loves attention from us and from our other Yorkies.  He is a normal, … Continue reading

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Are Bows for Boys?

I know top knots are a standard part of a Yorkie’s life, but I will admit to you that the practice really hasn’t taken root in our household.  For good or for bad, we have not made it a habit … Continue reading

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A carpet, a puppy, a boss and a small bladder

Last week, I was home because of President’s Day.  Jackie, however, did not receive the day off.  Before she left for work that morning, we agreed that I would take Diesel to visit her at the office.  Everyone had been … Continue reading

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Crash and Burn: How a simple electronic device can totally ruin your weekend!

As the primary consumer of my spare time and major contributor to my aggravation, the hard disk crash I experienced on Friday has completely re-arranged my life this weekend.  What was to be a relaxing weekend catching up on work … Continue reading

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When a Yorkie’s heart eclipses that of man

Carson is our oldest Yorkshire Terrier.  He was purchased as a companion dog from a local breeder and has more than lived up to that companion adjective in the short time he has lived with us.   He is always at … Continue reading

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Diesel explores the great outdoors – our front yard!

It was just that type of day – relatively warm, sunny and somehow very inviting despite it still being February.  We just had to get outside and enjoy the weather.  It isn’t often that you get conditions like this in … Continue reading

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