Are Bows for Boys?

I know top knots are a standard part of a Yorkie’s life, but I will admit to you that the

A Seemingly Content Yorkie Sporting a Top Knot or bow(courtesy of

practice really hasn’t taken root in our household.  For good or for bad, we have not made it a habit to tie the hair on the top of our dog’s heads up into a bow or “top knot”.  Some Yorkie owners wouldn’t go an hour, much less a day, without a bow of some kind to help keep the hair out of the eyes of their dogs.  Of course, this is critical if you let the dog’s hair grow long, but for us, that usually is not the case.  I said usually…

Carson’s hair began to grow thick and long, almost without our noticing it.  Carson’s view of the world was beginning to be seen through the haze of a thin, tan colored veil made of hair.  In high school, I had longish hair and couldn’t stand it hanging on my face.  It has to be equally if not more annoying to a dog to have it hang over his eyes.

Just say NO!

Jackie decided to help him out of his predicament.  Although it was close to his grooming time, she decided to tie his hair up in a little bow in advance of his appointment with the groomer.  OK…although I didn’t necessarily like the idea of him running around the house wearing a little bow, I do understand the utility and practicality of the procedure.  I still put my foot down, and so does Jackie, on having Carson parade around in “outfits”.  He’ll wear sweaters and jackets when it is cold, but dressing him up in football garb before the Super Bowl or having him wear T-Shirts with funny slogans or corporate logos just doesn’t cut it for me.  He may be tiny, but I don’t want to give him a complex!

Anyway… back to the bow.  Jackie skillfully arranged the hair using tiny rubber bands and topped it off by the addition of the bow.  Carson was very… annoyed.  He wasn’t overly upset, but he wasn’t sure what to think about this thing on his head.  Was it punishment?  Was it a torture device?  Is it something similar to the time he had that burr stuck in his hair?  At this point, I think he just wanted to get back with the other dogs and away from Jackie, just in case she decided to do something else to him!

The type of bow I'd like to see in my home, or at least in my driveway!

Our little, sensitive Carson, who looks for praise and adoration from us and support and companionship from his Yorkie brothers and sisters, quickly surmised that perhaps the best place he could have been was back risking his hairstyle with Jackie rather than endure what came next…

At first, all seemed well.  Carson ran around the room a bit.  He then decided that the excitement of the hair bow was too much for him, so he lay down on a blanket for a short

The type of bow (and arrow) that boys should have?

rest.  Short, as in a few seconds short for almost as soon as he put his head down, Romeo came over to investigate – the bow.  Yes, he was staring with extreme curiosity at Carson’s hair accessory/necessity.  Moments later, Pixie also came over to look at Carson and his bow.  She too looked a bit perplexed as if to say… “Carson, are bows for boys?”  Carson didn’t know, nor did he care and he certainly didn’t care for this new-found and unwanted attention.  He attempted to move away, but something extraordinary happened, causing Carson to stop in his tracks.  Romeo reached out and swatted at the bow!  Then he did it again, and again.  Romeo could not understand what the thing was, why it was there in Carson’s head and why it didn’t go away when he pawed it.  Romeo and Pixie began to follow poor Carson around as he desperately searched for a way to escape from this scrutiny.

Another type of "Bo" that some boys do like

After a few minutes, Carson did find relief from his pursuers by retreating into his crate and he finally got the rest he originally wanted.  Romeo and Pixie also focused their attention on other important matters, like tipping over bowls filled with perfectly good water and barking at the squirrels that run along the fence in our back yard.  There is never a dull moment in our house!


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One Response to Are Bows for Boys?

  1. tiffy40 says:

    What a great story. If you could get them doing this on video it would be hilarious LOL:)

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