A carpet, a puppy, a boss and a small bladder

Last week, I was home because of President’s Day.  Jackie, however, did not receive the day off.  Before she left for work that morning, we agreed that I would take Diesel to visit her at the office.  Everyone had been following Diesel’s growth and they were eager to see him first-hand.  Looking at 2-D pictures on a website, however artfully designed, is just not the same as holding a squirming and happy puppy in “real life”.

Diesel’s trip to the office was uneventful, as I securely seat belted him in using his harness.  He didn’t like not being able to run around, but eventually he relaxed and enjoyed the ride without too much complaint.

Diesel's harness looks similar to this one. Except much smaller. And, he doesn't look like an Oscar Meyer wiener.

As soon as he appeared in the doorway, you could hear the “Ooh’s and Ah’s” beginning to rise from all areas within the office.  Jackie’s co-workers briefly stopped what they were doing to investigate this welcomed intruder into their environment.  Diesel was in what is probably the puppy version of heaven – being passed around from person to person and receiving nothing but praise, love and as many gentle pats to his head as he could stand!

Diesel likes to be held!

With justifiable pride, Jackie took Diesel into her boss’ office.  As the Chair of a large and busy department within the University, Dr. R. couldn’t take too much time out of her day to meet with a Yorkie puppy, but she did pause long enough to hold him and remark on his general “adorableness”!  Diesel seemed to have the same effect on the employees as he did on its leaders – they all loved him!

Then, a suggestion was made to put Diesel down and let him run around a bit, perhaps as a way to burn off some of his excess energy.  The details are vague at this point… was it my idea, Jackie’s or Dr. R.’s?  Did I get approval to put him down or did I just assume it would be OK?  Did I realize that a puppy’s bladder is small… tiny, in fact?

The answers to these questions remain unanswered, but the facts in this case are not in dispute.  Diesel was placed on the carpeted floor.  He ran back and forth between our legs for about two minutes.  He ran close to me, and then he paused.  His hind end lowered to the floor and… he pee’d.  Not much, but enough that there was a quarter sized damp area on Dr. R.’s carpet.  Now one of the most powerful persons on campus had puppy piddle on her carpet.

The staff acted fast.  Someone handed me some napkins to mop up the stain.  A smart and enterprising work study rapidly emerged with some type of cleaner and paper towels to remove any traces of the offending fluid.  After a few minutes, the floor was quickly returned to like-new status.

Members of the Hazmat team respond to the puppy piddle problem

Dr. R. handled the situation with great poise, charm and a lot of laughter, but still… having one’s puppy pee on the boss’ floor is not exactly the way the scenario played out in our heads as Jackie and I planned Diesel’s trip that morning.  Soon thereafter, we said our goodbyes to the staff, put on Diesel’s harness and headed back to the car for the ride home.

Almost as soon as the car door shut, Diesel went to sleep.  He was tired out from all of the running, the hugs, the kisses and the attention… but he certainly wasn’t tired from his one-time, potty on the boss’ carpet, faux pas.  He never gave that second thought!



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2 Responses to A carpet, a puppy, a boss and a small bladder

  1. tiffy40 says:

    LOL.. What a funny story:) Yes, Yorkie puppies do have some very tiny bladders. I remember how many times I had to take Tiffy outside when she was a puppy. Thankfully it was the summertime:)

  2. Amanda says:

    This is so funny! Thank you for bringing in the piddler– we loved seeing him! 🙂

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