Diesel explores the great outdoors – our front yard!

It was just that type of day – relatively warm, sunny and somehow very inviting despite it still being February.  We just had to get outside and enjoy the weather.  It isn’t often that you get conditions like this in the middle of winter, so we decided to take our newest puppy, Diesel, outside to play.  It was really his first time outside, and his initial hesitation was quickly overcome by joy as he began to run around tirelessly in our front yard!

Diesel is just about ready to go outside, but has to pause for a final picture!

This doesn't look like my playpen!

"I think I like this outdoors thing!"

What could this hard, yet seemingly man-made object be?

It did prove slightly difficult to balance running after him and taking pictures and videos as he romped happily in our yard’s dormant grass.  Sometimes, he would pause to inspect and chew on a few fallen leaves, but he seemed to find them most unpalatable.  He also would run about 25 feet from us, look back and seem a bit startled that he got so far away.

We dressed him up in a small sweater complete with a red, winter scarf to make sure he didn’t get too cool during his playtime.  He seemed warm enough, never once shivering or giving any indication he didn’t like the early-springlike temperatures or having to wear little Yorkie outfits!

After many, many pictures, a brief attempt to teach him how to fetch, and the realization that he may not tire of this before we had to eat dinner, we reluctantly scooped him back up and took him inside.

Why do we need to go inside??

All in all, we think Diesel really enjoyed his adventure.  Once back safely inside, he ate heartily and slept very well!  I think he is looking forward his next foray outdoors.  Maybe that will be tomorrow, although it may also be his first introduction to snow.  It is expected to storm tonight, so in a matter of few days, he may experience both the highs and lows of February weather in Virginia!


About Northern Virginia Yorkies

We are breeders of quality, AKC registered Yorkshire Terriers. We want to share with you our experiences, knowledge of the breed and other fun stuff along the way!
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1 Response to Diesel explores the great outdoors – our front yard!

  1. tiffy40 says:

    What a cutie:) Looks like he had a very enjoyable day.

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