Muddy Dogs

Yesterday was a beautiful day in Virginia. The weather began to warm, the snow and ice has almost completely melted and I even heard a bird or two sing in the woods towards the back of our house.  Our dogs loved it!  All throughout the day, you could constantly hear the sound of our doggie door open and close as our adult Yorkies ran outside to play and bark at approaching squirrels.  And bark at our neighbors.  And bark at the birds.  And bark at… well nothing, frankly!

But the melting snow and the warm weather caused our backyard to swell with water.  It pooled in places and caused the lawn to feel like I was walking on a waterlogged sponge.  The dogs didn’t care one bit.  The continued to run and play as they normally do, oblivious to the wet conditions.

However, they often run along the same track around the perimeter of our fence (over and over again).  This repetitious path caused them to quickly create a deep, mud trail.  Romeo seemed perfectly content to live with a hair/mud ration of about 60%/40%.  Jinx followed right along, but being that she is a bit higher off the ground than he, was spared from dragging most of her body hair through the muddy terrain.  Roxie frequently returns from her time outside with feet and underbelly covered in mud and water.  Pixie is barely heavy enough to sink a toenail into the ground and she doesn’t like running the same NASCAR track as the others, so she remained clean.  Finally, there is Carson.  He prefers not to be wet at all.  In fact, he rarely leaves the comfort of our deck so his coat remained pretty clean.

We were busy this weekend, so only Romeo got a full bath treatment.  He’s resigned himself to relax now as he endures the cycle of lather, rinse and repeat. He seems to pick up energy when the towel comes out, perhaps because he senses that the end to his torment is rapidly approaching!

Most of the others will be bathed later this evening.  Of course, all of this effort will be for naught after their next extended outing into our wet and soggy backyard!  Keeping them, and our home, clean is a never ending process but one which is soon forgotten the next time one of them paws at us to pick up and hold them for awhile!



About Northern Virginia Yorkies

We are breeders of quality, AKC registered Yorkshire Terriers. We want to share with you our experiences, knowledge of the breed and other fun stuff along the way!
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